The good stay at Gerlev occurs in the meeting between the school and the students. The keywords are willingness and a desire to take responsibility and to actively participate in the community.

More than 75 years in movement

Gerlev has been in movement since 1938, when Kristian Krogshede founded the first folk high school focusing on sports by Gerlev Banke. Many dance steps, parkour jumps and swimming strokes later, this is still the location of the school, with its wonderful view of The Great Belt.

Since it was founded, Gerlev has been highly focused on developing and creating excitement about movement and sports. For instance, Gerlev has pioneered within outdoor life as a subject and as a pedagogical activity in Denmark. Recently, Gerlev has contributed to revising the image of sports through parkour and dancing.

We break the barriers of sports
At Gerlev, the students meet a versatile and professional teaching environment, which aims to give the students a common and democratic foundation.

Through meeting many different types of sports and movement and an explorative approach, we aim to present the students with the formative aspects of sports, and we work with an understanding of life that extends beyond a sports framework. Gerlev relates actively and with its own perspectives to sports, culture and society, locally as well as globally.

The fight, the play, the dance and the contemplation

We believe that sports contain a lot of exciting and developmental qualities. When it all comes together, it contains the fight, the play, the dance and the contemplation. As does life, and that is why we at Gerlev view sports as a fantastic formative subject, which allows the possibility of development, maturation, challenges, adventures and experiences.

Put differently: The way we teach and meet through sports makes sports about much more than just professional contemplation and skill-development.

The chance to improve your skills within an intense and strong community of motivated and ambitious young people helps create the framework that we believe characterize a good school.


Here, you can read about why fighting, playing, dancing and contemplation form the foundation of teaching at Gerlev.


… is important as the basis of experiences with the creative parts of life. Playing retrieves its basic meaning through the degree of desire and engagement that is put into it. Playing is not fun until you take it seriously. We learn, when we play.


… is inspirational and contains the basic premises of development in life. It contains the option of experiencing through resistance how your physical and mental abilities can be put to the test. Through fighting, you will meet new sides of yourself, and your morals will be tested.


… is, on one hand, the dream of unhindered movement, the flawless timing and getting lost in the rhythms. On the other hand, it is the creation of the aesthetic expression that allows interpretation of meaning and intention. Dancing contains an intimacy beyond the domain of reason.


… means tranquility, concentration and willingness, all of which are required to gain insight into existence. The body reacts to the life you live, and your use of the body can open up a self-realization that makes you increasingly aware of the emotions and resources you contain. Contemplation also forms the foundation for turning an experience into insight and application.

Theory for the world

The theory of FIGHTING, PLAYING, DANCING and CONTEMPLATION are largely developed by Claus Bøje and Henning Eichberg, who have both been employed as sports researchers at Gerlev’s research department (now: CISC). Throughout the years, the theory has been applied to more and more sports and school contexts, and it is now a part of the foundation of the Danish public school system.

At Gerlev, playing, fighting, dancing and contemplation is part of our school culture – it is the way we interact, meet each other and live together for many hours under the same roof. Playing, fighting, dancing and contemplation are more than qualities within sports – they represent a way of living.



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