Morten loves to play and challenge his physical and mental capabilities. He is a sports teacher with his finger on the pulse – constantly searching for new knowledge within the world of training, health and sports injuries, implementing his findings in his own life and his students’.

Sports ideas as the driving force
To Morten, movement, training and health are some of the most important values – every day, and the whole life through! Over many years, Morten has been both an instructor, dietician and coach, and at Gerlev he enjoys sending off the young people in the best possible direction when it comes to training. Morten enjoys dealing with people and to watch them get better for every day that passes.

Teaching at Gerlev gives Morten an ideal everyday life, since going to work means forming, testing and not least further developing ideas within bodily learning and teaching on a day-to-day basis – and these ideas benefit the students, who are receiving every-varying classes.

Through his career as an instructor and coach, Morten has seen plenty of injuries due to wrong movement patterns. Helping correct these for the students and assisting them get a healthy training life provides him with a great personal satisfaction.


Morten has taught CrossFit since 2009 on all levels. He is also a self-employed personal trainer, dietician and coach, conducting courses and giving talks about CrossFit, dieting, training and other topics.

Additionally, he has a versatile sports background, having trained and taught for many years within the fields of martial arts, including Brazilian jiu jitsu, karate, judi and aikido, as well as alpine skiing. He is a certified coach and CrossFit instructor, and he has a number of additional certifications within training, both generally and specifically.

Morten holds a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Health from the University of Southern Denmark, and he is finishing up his master’s degree within the same field, focusing on human physiology, biomechanics, health, diet and training. This means that he has lots of knowledge within movement theory, changing of posture, performance optimization, injury prevention and rehabilitation.


Alpine Skiing
Martial Arts
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Strength training
Neurolinguistic programming





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