• 4 intense months in the sand, focusing on strength, technique and tactics
  • Introduction to the beach volley culture and sports psychology
  • Tournaments that will put your technique and training to the test
  • Trip to Barcelona with training by former professional players
  • Personal video feedback, which will direct your training

Gerlev offers, as the only folk high school in Denmark, a 4-month course in beach volley. We start training indoors in March, focusing on intense technique training with weekly training visits in the heated beach hall – and as soon as the weather permits, we move out on Gerlev’s four beach courts.

Intense course with training, tournaments and beach volley culture
We focus on time and dedication when developing you as a beach volley player. Time to train your strength, technique and tactics and time to play and for reflection over the many aspects of the beach volley game – and the dedication you will bring along with your talent and willingness to train hard and intensely.

This way, we ensure to get the most out of all the things we will introduce you to – training and games, tournament participation and management, and not least sports psychology, beach volley culture and the mental game.

Together we will create a course in which focused physical training will give you the best chances of becoming a great beach volley player – and we will try it all out during our study trip to the beach courts of Barcelona under the burning sun.

Personal training program with video feedback
Beach volley at Gerlev is for everyone who wishes to improve their skills within beach volley, and we focus on you, your potential and your goals through a personal training program, which we will develop together. And with recurring video feedback we will document your development and ensure direction in your training.

As the ongoing training will be combined with tournaments, your technique and training will be put to the test, and you will be introduced to project management tools, leading towards our own final tournament event at Gerlev for our own and invited teams.

Jo Kyrre Skogstad - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”It is important to have ambitions if you want to succeed in beach volley – to put your talent, dedication and willingness to train hard and intensely to the test during every training session. This includes setting time aside for the training of your strength, technique and tactics, and being motivated by playing and reflection as important aspects of the training.”

Jo Kyrre Skogstad, teacher, beachvolley





Your stay can last from 8 to 40 weeks.
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