• Get in the shape of your life with highly intense and varied training
  • Based on the American roots of CrossFit
  • Strong community and passionate teachers
  • Study trip to Los Angeles and La Santa Sport
  • Improve the understanding of your own body

CrossFit at Gerlev is constantly varied, highly intense and functional training. With a strong community having your back, you will get to lift, push, pull and feel your body change day by day.

Our classes are based on the American roots of CrossFit, and we let the training remain raw with a unique atmosphere and an intense soundscape, which will make you move your own physical limits and feel the strength of the community.

Creative use of equipment and surroundings
We are always looking for new training equipment in new surroundings. We use barbells, kettle bells, medicinal balls, prowlers, body weights, tractor tires and much more. We use the challenges of our immediate surroundings – such as the hills of the school, the sand pit and the swimming pool.

Besides the fact that this creative use of equipment and surroundings activate many muscle groups at once, it also makes training playful, varied and inspiring.

Pulsating atmosphere with a strong community
The collective training contains elements from rolling falls, somersaults and crab walking, and we stretch your individual mental and physical strength through pull-up, push-up, muscle-up, Turkish get-up and good, classic ‘double-under’.

The atmosphere is loud and pulsating, and we support each other in our challenges. At the same time, we constantly improve your technical level and the understanding of your own body.

Fitness and body culture on several levels
CrossFit at Gerlev is the path to getting in the shape of your life. The training is physically hard, and you will get to push the limits of what you think you can do. Since you rarely train alone, the course is also the place where you get to build a unique community across nationalities, gender and physical abilities.

This means that the course is both for the student who wishes to specialize in his or her training, and the student that has never trained intensely before. No matter where you are, we will challenge your strength, coordination, fitness, suppleness and agility.

On the theoretical level you will gain an understanding of the history and culture of CrossFit. We will also introduce body culture, scheduling of training and dieting, which will give you a solid foundation of knowledge, allowing you to keep working with CrossFit.

”Move! ’Cause if you don’t, one day you won’t be able to”

Ido Portal – movement instructor



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Your stay can last from 8 to 40 weeks.
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At Gerlev we have gathered some of the country’s best and most engaged teachers.



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