• The best teacher team in Denmark
  • Modern, House, Show Jazz, Locking, Hip Hop, Waacking, Dancehall and more
  • Trip to New York (spring) or a European city (fall)
  • Focus on technique as well as personal expression
  • Concluding performance

Gerlev has the most significant dance course in Denmark. We ensure dancing experiences and the joy of movement while challenging you technically, aesthetically and physically. Regardless of your level, you will be sure to find a challenge here. We will meet you where you are – if you have high ambitions, or if you simply love to dance and move around.

The dance course is structured and designed by the two dancing pioneers, Priscilla S. Rasmussen and Tine Salling, who established the course at Gerlev in 2004. The different genres we practice include Modern, House, Show Jazz, Locking, Hip Hop, Waacking and Dancehall.

Shape your identity as a dancer
On the dance course we will help you develop your personal style and shape your identity as a dancer.

We invite you into a working space for self-development, where you will be able to train your skills and move your limits in a focused way. Thus, it is about developing your technique as well as your personal style.

You will learn about the history of dance, how genres have split into sub-branches and their individual cultures, and you will learn to work creatively within and across many different genres.

Become acquainted with the professional dancing environment
Since Gerlev is close to Copenhagen, we can attract a wide array of guest lecturers that work professionally with dancing.

This gives you the opportunity to try out the latest new tendencies from the professional dancing environment, just as you will become acquainted with the international trends that dominate our time.

Our guest lecturers include Peter Friis, Mariama Ambrose, Eddy Casca (Dee), Anete Jensen, Stinna Shaktiva, Emilie Brooklyn Holte and many more.

Study trip to New York or a European city
A central aspect of the course is the study trip, which will allow you to experience a professional dance environment up close. In the spring, we travel to New York, and in the fall, we go to a European city.

With the significant amount of time that dancing will take up in your weekly timetable, you will get the chance to immerse yourself in the field and master the choreographies that we develop and perform together. At the end of the course, you will get to participate in a big concluding performance.

Our classes are professionally structured, and every year many of our students move on directly to recognized dance schools – and to a spot on Gerlev Performance Team.

Louise Seloy Klok - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher
Tine Salling - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”I am deeply fascinated with the communicative potential of dancing and the human body, as well as its staging and formative aspects.”

Priscilla S. Rasmussen, teacher, Dans


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