• Take your basin test at Gerlev
  • Built-in training for PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Training in diving and free diving in Gerlev’s own indoor swimming pool
  • Learn methods, safety and diving theory
  • Trip to Egypt that includes diving in the Red Sea

With Diving at Gerlev you will get to explore the underwater world of the ocean and develop your skills within diving and free diving. We also take a basin test. Last, but not least, we go to the Red Sea for a week-long diving trip, where you learn to dive down to 18 meters – among other things.

If you already have an Open Water Diver (OWD) certificate or an equivalent one, you can achieve a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certificate. This training will teach you compass, wreck, boat, computer and depth diving down to 30 meters. This can also be added to the OWD course.

Become a free diver and take your basin test
Besides working with theory during your stay at Gerlev, we will also focus on an array of different free diving methods and practice yoga exercises, aiming to increase your breathing capabilities. Additionally you will be trained in techniques for the basin test, including first aid, salvaging, and communication.

This means that everyone will be ready to take the basin test, which can be used if you want to become a lifeguard. We reflect on ethics and responsible behavior by being on the ocean together.

Diving trip to the beautiful coral reefs of Egypt
In our travel week, we fly to Egypt and finish our diver’s certificate training. You will be tested on your acquired skills and experience the reward of our intense training.

In Egypt, we live on a boat, which we also sail around in when we are not diving in the Read Sea, exploring the beautiful coral reefs close to Hurghada.

Kristian Christiansen - UnderviserUnderviser

Kristian Christiansen

“With Diving at Gerlev you get to experience a new world – under the surface of the ocean.”

Kristian Christiansen, teacher, dykning





Your stay can last from 8 to 40 weeks.
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