• Become a better and stronger football player, both mentally and physically
  • Training of classic football, futevolei and futsal
  • Teaching by former national team player
  • Trip to Barcelona with training on the beach and football at Camp Nou
  • Play games with local teams and the best possible crowd – the other students

At Gerlev, football is playing with the ball, the fight against the opponent, the will to win and a twinkle in your eye. It is the good game and the experience of becoming a better and more complete player that make up the driving force. You will be challenged technically, tactically, physically and mentally, and this will strengthen your skills as a team player and a football player.

Become one with the game and test your skills during matches
We will work on improving your ability to get an overview of the field, the game and the players, which will help you predict situations and act as early as possible. Your ability to become a good team player is a prerequisite for creating a good team with room for all personalities and player types – and we will focus a great deal on this.

As part of the course, the team will participate in the local football tournament, allowing us to test our form and try out ideas from the training sessions in actual games. And we can guarantee the best home-crowd out there – all your friends at Gerlev.

Training of football, futevoley, futsal and freestyle football
Football at Gerlev is not simply football – it is also Brazilian futevolei in the sand and indoor futsal. Futevolei is similar to beachvolley – only you use your feet, thighs, chest and head. It is challenging, but even after a small amount of training, it is a truly fun game to play. The various games supplement each well, and you will without a doubt enhance your physical condition, develop your tactical skills and optimize your technical ability.

When you are training football at Gerlev, you will quite possibly feel like spicing up your playing with Brazilian ball tricks, inspired by former national team player Julie Hauge, who has imported futevolei directly from Brazil to Gerlev.

As part of the course, you will experience classes by various skillful guest lecturers, including one of the best freestylers in Denmark.

Trip to Barcelona
We will go on a week-long study trip to Barcelona to watch football at Camp Nou and play futevolei on the beach with Brazilians living in the city. We will also challenge the Brazilians to an international game of futsal – Brazil vs. Denmark – getting an increased insight into football culture outside of Denmark.

Football at Gerlev is for everyone who would like to become better football players – and who wants to be inspired by the many challenging possibilities of the ball – on the grass, in the sand, and in the sports hall.

Julie Hauge - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”Football IS the best game in the world”

Julie Hauge, teacher, fodbold





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