• Two intense trips – to Skei in Norway and Zell am See in Austria
  • Choose between alpine and Telemark skiing
  • Preparatory training with focus on balance, strength and coordination
  • Challenges on the piste, in the off-piste and in the untouched snow
  • Reflection on what good skiing is to you

The goal of Free Skiing is to develop you as a skier. Learning new techniques on ski is the launch pad for mastering new and bigger challenges in the snow. This is why a lot of the time spent on the skis will be taken up by throwing yourself at tasks, terrains and challenges you have never tried before but would like to master.

Intensive training for all levels
Free Skiing is for you, if you have the desire and courage to try something that both looks and inviting and is demanding of you in terms of training and concentration if you want to master it.

Are you a beginner, then do not despair – Free Skiing is for everyone. We have level-divided training, ensuring challenges for both beginners and experienced skiers.

Preparation for the piste
Besides the weeks on skis, Free Skiing is also plenty of training your balance, coordination, strength and stamina. Additionally, we will reflect on the potentials and perspectives of skiing, increasing your awareness of what good skiing is to you.

The preparatory training will take place on roller skates – unless we have the weather on our side, allowing us to ski on the hills of Gerlev. You will have to choose between alpine and Telemark skiing.

Two snowy trips – to the north and to the south
Our basic techniques will be tested on two individual trips to the snow – to Norway and Austria. Here, we will put everything we have learned to practical use, and you will be challenged on the piste, in the off-piste, in flow, and you will probably also experience some tremendous falls.

Remember that you’re welcome to bring your own equipment for the two ski trips, as well as roller skates, helmet and protection equipment for the weeks of basic training here at home.

”Free Skiing is based on a playful approach to skiing, and we guarantee plenty of great experiences in the snow for everyone. We are simply aiming for you to become more skilled and more aware of what good skiing is to you.”

Jo Kyrre Skogstad, teacher, free skiing

FreeSkiing in Norway.



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Your stay can last from 8 to 40 weeks.
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