• Intensive training combined with a pulsating outdoor life
  • Mountain biking, climbing, sea kayak, rollerskating, adventure race – and more
  • Emphasis on moving physical and mental limits in a strong community
  • Night in the great outdoors
  • Trip to Italy

With MoveOut you learn to exploit the many possibilities that nature offers to bring you into a great physical shape, while also experiencing new sides of yourself and your environment.

In a strong community, we challenge the many potentials of nature as well as our own stamina, technical abilities, and physical as well as mental limits. Our only rule is that it should be active, it should be outdoors, and it should get your heart rate going.

Learn how to use nature’s exercise potential
At MoveOut we combine intense training with adventure and outdoor life. We integrate training into shared experiences, and you will get to know everything from mountain biking to kayak surfing to climbing – all of which will get your adrenaline flowing. The activities are of course supplemented with spending the night in the great outdoors.

MoveOut is for everyone regardless of their physical condition, but we expect you to have a desire to put in your best effort. We supply the activities with hard physical basic training, ensuring that you will gradually be able to take on greater challenges. During training, you will also be challenged mentally, and you will reflect on who you are and who you want to be in the strong community that will grow in the team.

Get outdoor skills for life
Within the main activities, you will have your basic technique developed and achieve skills you get to keep for the rest of your life – for instance, we train orienteering, we move from a beginner’s level to EPP2 in sea kayak, and we practice cross country-biking.

You will get to use your new abilities when we go on our study trip to Italy, where you will get to participate in an orienteering race in the streets and climbing in the mountains.

Additionally, you will learn how to survive outdoors with whatever is at hand, e.g. by sleeping on the beach.

Train with the elite of Danish adventure
The program is managed by Jo Kyrre Skogstad, Mads Fogh and Lars Bukkehave. The latter participates in Adventure Races on an elite level and is the deputy chairman of the Danish Adventure Race Union.

Bring your own bike helmet, lights, roller skates, sleeping bag, sleeping mat as well as a bike fir for riding in nature. Alternatively, you can rent the equipment at Gerlev.

Mads Fogh - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher
Jo Kyrre Skogstad - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”Personal development is the end-product, when you as individual or part of a group, work with physical or mental processes through experiences and challenges outdoors.”

Jo Kyrre Skogstad, teacher, MoveOut





Your stay can last from 8 to 40 weeks.
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