• Leading parkour program since 2006 with private parkour park
  • Training in a safe environment with challenges for everyone
  • Get a new look at the world and the possibilities of your body
  • Be prepared for free movement with the Methode Naturelle philosophy
  • Spring trip to Paris, the birth place of parkour, and to a warm destination in the fall

With parkour at Gerlev you will become a part of a movement culture that challenges the potential of your body, your mental strength, and your immediate environment. Parkour is an inclusive and social sport, and at Gerlev everyone can join in on out – regardless of gender, experience and physical condition.

Instruction by professional parkourists
At Gerlev, instruction is handled by our experienced Street Movement crew, which helped found the Gerlev parkour program. Focusing on technical precision and strength, you will learn how to creatively put your immediate environment to use.

With the parkour park as our starting point, we build a communal foundation and bring our culture with us on our study trips. In the spring we go to Paris to train in the original environment and with Yamakasi and their followers.

Strengthen your physique and creative thinking
Parkour focuses on the development of the fundamental skills that are required for movement, including balance, strength, coordination, dynamics, stamina, precision, spatial awareness and creative thinking.

It is a way to train your body and mind that helps ensure that you are as completely functional and effective as possible in the physical world, and a way of thinking that is based on self-discipline, autonomous action patterns and strength of will.

An art of movement that originated in the subcultures of Paris
Our form of training is playful and represents a contrast to the fitness culture with its focus on measureable and visual results. Through the training you will achieve a stronger sense of integrity and a confidence in terms of your movements, even in the most stressful situations.

The parkour training is based on the art of movement, l’Art du Déplacement, which originated in the 80’s in the subcultures of Paris.

Furthermore, Gerlev hosts the International Parkour Gathering every year.

Mikkel Kromann Thisen - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”The more I practice, the more clear it becomes to me that we were made to be moving, and that it is very much the parkour movements that evolution has fostered.”

Mikkel Kromann Thisen, teacher, parkour

Parkour in Zagreb.





Your stay can last from 8 to 40 weeks.
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