• Two intense trips – to Norway and Austria with plenty of great hours in the snow
  • Training with focus on an injury-free, strong and flexible body
  • Challenges on the piste, in the park and the off-piste
  • Introduction to the fast-growing snowboard culture
  • Learn how to teach snowboarding to others

With snowboard at Gerlev you will practice your fundamental skills such as strength, balance, coordination, condition, flexibility, acrobatics and your ability to fall down – all in relation snowboarding and regardless of your level.

With no less than two study trips – to Norway and Austria respectively – you will get to test your skills and get an up-close feel of snowboarding culture.

Versatile training
The training at the school takes place in a fun and versatile way – often on a trampoline, in the fitness room, on judo mats, on the springboard over the swimming pool – or on tough physical hill training, ensuring your thighs are ready for a full week of optimal snowboarding. This will ensure the best possible condition and ability to coordinate your movements.

Whether you are trying out snowboarding for the first time or you have already been bitten by the snowboarding bug, you will definitely be caught by the atmosphere and the movements on Gerlev’s snowboarding course.

To trips to the wonderful snow
We are crazy about Norway and Austria’s great off-piste, delicious deep snow and cozy huts. On our first trip you will receive fundamental training of brake and swing techniques, carving and tricks such as small jumps, Ollie, nose roll and tail riding. On the second trip you will be in a better physical shape, and the training is intensified, focusing on deep snow, off-piste riding, jumps and rails.

The course will be divided into levels, ensuring the best possible challenge and development of you as a snowboarder – along with a small group of others on a similar level. If you are a beginner, it is the perfect start to every day to experience the progress along with your friends. If you are an experienced snowboarder, we will meet you at your level and accommodate your wishes in terms of the challenges you would like – we have teachers for all levels.

Snowboard theory and culture
During the course you will also learn how and get the chance to teach snowboarding to others, learning what kind of pedagogy and methodology is best to use, as well as what psychological mechanisms are at play when learning how to snowboard.

Theoretically we also focus on what snowboarding culture is. What is the good snowboarding style, and does it have anything to do with identity?

Julie Hauge - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher
Morten Zacho - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”Get challenged through play, joy and snowboarding skills at Gerlev!”

Julie Hauge, teacher, snowboard

Snowboard in Norway.





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