• Lots of sports, outdoors and indoors
  • Improve your chances of being accepted into a sports program at university
  • Preparatory education for sports teachers and physiotherapists
  • Varying sports disciplines combined with theory and reflection
  • Experience the Chinese sports culture on the study trip

At the Sports Academy, we work with many different sports disciplines and combine the physical experiences with exciting theory and reflection. This gives you skills within teaching of sports while also helping you along with your own personal development. Of Gerlev Students that have applied for the sports program at the University of Copenhagen, 90% have been accepted.

We will challenge you within many different sports disciplines – including martial arts, basketball, parkour, adventure, CrossFit, dance, kayak, outdoor living, activity development and teambuilding on a high-rope course. This will ensure you skills within a wide perspective of sports and their many possibilities.

Be prepared for entrance examinations
With the Sports Academy we visit the sports programs at the University of Copenhagen and the University of Southern Denmark as well as the physiotherapist educations, where we will take part in their classes. Additionally, we will visit exciting sports projects such as GAME.

We prepare you mentally and physically for the entrance examinations of the sports programs. We will happily read through your application and give you feedback – including feedback from a teacher that is also an external lecturer at the Sports and Health department at the University of Southern Denmark.

Another teacher, who is a trained physiotherapist, will help you prepare to go down this road in terms of further education. In addition, you will get a personal certificate, which documents that you have specialized in various aspects of the world of sports, both in practical and theoretical ways.

This way, you are prepared in every way to be accepted into a sports education – whether it is at a university, or if you wish to become a teacher, a pedagogue or a physiotherapist.

Experience the culture of China
You will get to go on an intense trip to China, where we will participate in Chinese sports lessons at Shanghai Sports University and Xian Sports University. Both universities have 10,000 sports students and a sports culture that is very different from the Danish one.

We will also get to see Chinese culture up close when we try out their morning gymnastics, Tai Chi, the traditional kung-fu Wushu and visit their elite sports schools for children. We will teach Chinese children sports, but we will obviously also have time to be tourists and experience, among other things, mountain climbing, the Terracotta army, Tiananmen Square, The Great Wall and the amazing skyline of Shanghai.

Lars Mogensen - Viceforstander/VPViceforstander/VP
Martin Lykkegaard - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”The academy is a mix of all the best things within sports with an explosive expansion of the students’ horizon and reflection of the same thing.”

Lars Mogensen, teacher, sports academy





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