Finn lives and breathes Gerlev. He has been a student and a teacher, and now he is the principal of the academy. He is also the director of the many sub-branches and new initiatives at Gerlev – a fireball working tirelessly to put Gerlev on the global map.

From Gerlev to the world
Finn is here, there, and everywhere. He is a pioneer and the primary spokesperson of Gerlev and the wonderful possibilities within the world of Sport – in Denmark as well as outside the borders of the country, where he spreads the message of Gerlev.

He is a well-known figure in Poland, Czech Republic, South Korea, India, and not least China, where no less than 12 universities have a special partnership with Gerlev.

This makes it quite natural that Finn is the chief responsible teacher at Gerlev’s international management course. And even though Finn is a globetrotter, he is of course also an important part of everyday life at Gerlev – as he is crazy about the energy that a hundred students can generate together!


Finn Berggren has been the principal at Gerlev Sports Academy since 2002 and the head of Gerlev Play Park since 2010. Additionally he is the chairman of the two awards, Gerlev Prisen and Jørn Møllers Legepris.

He is the head of Gerlev – The European Center for Traditional Sports and Games, appointed by the international sports organization, TAFISA.

He is also responsible for Byens Leg, with funds provided by the Nordea Foundation, and for Legeskibet, with funds provided by Lauritzen Fonden.

Next to his job as the principal of Gerlev, he is also an international speaker and chairman of the international organization Cross Culture Project Association/Open Fun Football School. And Finn’s international commitment is also visible through his board services for HEPA Europa, which was founded at Gerlev.


Management course
International mangement course – International Sport for all Leaders
Sports policy
Health strategies in relation to physical activity
Tourism and Physical Activity




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