An overview of the costs of being a stundent at Gerlev Sports Academy

Price pr. week at Gerlev Sports Academy

​Dobbelroom: DKK 1.595,-
The amount covers accommodation, food and classes.

Extra charge for singleroom: DKK 200,- pr. week

You will pay your schoolmoney up front, the first of each month. 

When signing up for Gerlev Sports Academy for more than 4 months, there will be a possiblity to apply for a lower weekly price.
Contact our office for more information.

Price for 18 weeks – Fall semester

Dobbelroom DKK 28.710,-

Gerlev-Collection and materials

During your first week of you stay you will sign up for the Gerlev-merchandice. This typically consists of training-clothes lilke a hoody, sweatpants, t-shirt, jacket, water bottle and a buff.

When signing up you will also be charged a one time fee covering expences connected to your classes, several smaller excursion and your school songbook.

DKK 2.300,-

Variable costs dependent on your choises of majors and travels

Travels with Gerlev Sports Academy

Every stay at Gerlev brings you out into the world. Therefore, there will be extra expences in relations to your travels, dependent on the major subjects you choose to follow.
Read  mere about our travels, destinations and prices here

Also have a look at our calender that will show you a the basic information about our travels.

Terms of registration/cancellation

When signing up there is a one time fee of DKK 1.000.

In case of ending your school stay due to expulsion or at your own request, four weeks of school fees will be charged from the date of the notice. Your notifications must be made in writing either by letter or mail and the date of receipt is valid.

All prices at this page is valid from 02.11.2017.
Subject to change.