Gerlev is the joy of movement and the rush of the community. It is a chance to discover a whole new world, as we create our lives together. We live at the school, we eat together, train side by side, inspire each other across all nationalities, laugh, hang out, travel and party together – up until the very point when we cannot keep our eyes open any longer.

Whether you are into the art of movement, team sports or outdoor adventures, we have a course that will develop you – as a student, as a practitioner and as a person.


Who are you?

No two students are alike – fortunately. And at Gerlev, your starting point is not as important as your willingness to develop yourself. Most of our students are between the ages of 18 and 25.

Through our playful approach we create a sense of community across genders, ages, subjects, and nationalities – at Gerlev one in four students has an international background. The most important thing to bring along is your courage to develop and meet more than a hundred new people, who will become your friends.

“The very best thing about being a student at Gerlev is that you meet so many people with different backgrounds – and have such a great time with them. Here it does not matter if you are good at your sport, from another country, or if you speak Danish.”

Nikolaj Nilsson, former student


The everyday from a new angle

A typical day at Gerlev is a good mix of fun and trickery, serious teaching and a lot of cozy hangout time. You share your everyday with your new friends – both during training, the morning assembly, contemplative moments, lectures, meals, movies nights, couch lounging, table football matches and domestic chores.

It is a very intense and educational period of your life, during which tolerance, openness, community and freedom are the keywords. The everyday has to work for everyone. This is why you will continuously be taught about collaboration, dialogue and conflict management, giving you a set of social tools, which will come in handy for the rest of your life.

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“From you get up until you get back into bed, you are in full swing, and you get to practice your favorite discipline with highly motivated teachers. You will only crawl back into bed, when you cannot hold your eyes open for any longer!”

Helene Hykkelbjerg, former student


Community is important at Gerlev

At Gerlev, the community means a lot – both for students and teachers, during classes and in your leisure time. You will feel the rush of the community in everything from the daily morning song over the challenging training to the performance of a flash mob.

Together, we deal with the daily chores, and among other things you will learn how to cook healthy food and how to play yourself through cleaning. We also develop our evening and weekend programs together, allowing you to take on the part of initiator and organizer.

“The best thing about Gerlev is the new family you get. The people you share both the bad and the best days with. The family that gives you an increased self-knowledge and friends for life.”

Helene Hykkelbjerg, former student


Teaching environment with diversity

We do not talk about good and bad at Gerlev. Everyone has the same goal, which is to get better. Each student will be challenged and inspired with intense teaching wherever they are. This is why we have built our teaching environment on mutual respect of each other’s limits and differences.

During the classes, you will become part of a community in which everyone learns from each other. You will not simply become better within your chosen subjects – you will also learn about life and experience new approaches to challenges in a learning environment with room for differences and engaged teachers that will take you and your development seriously.

“There is room for everyone on all levels. Whether you start out as a complete amateur or have been training for many years, there is always a way to train together. Sometimes it requires patience on both parts, but ultimately it pays off in a big way.”

Kirstine Saxe, former student


Get into shape

At Gerlev you will get into shape – both physically, mentally and socially. With a lot of planned activities and the opportunity to always put the school’s many training facilities to use, your body will get into the best shape of its life, and through reflection and teamwork, your mentality will also be strengthened.

You do not have to be good at sports before you arrive. But you will get to put a lot of energy into learning something and to develop yourself personally. And who knows – maybe you will unexpectedly discover a surfer, dancer or parkour enthusiast inside yourself.

“The teaching environment is fantastic, and there are great facilities both indoors and outdoors. On top of that, we have highly competent teachers, who know what they are talking about. Besides engaging in the teaching, they are also engaged in the students on a human level.”

Nikolaj Nilsson, former student


The international environment

At Gerlev you will be part of an international sports environment. All year round, we have students from up to ten different countries such as England, Norway, Czech Republic, Iceland, Poland, United States, Germany, Korea, China, and Brazil. So even though if we have a majority of Danish students, a large part of the teaching and the daily conversation takes place in English.

The meeting between different cultures and traditions from many parts of the world will give your stay at Gerlev an extra dimension, which can help you along internationally – and increase the width of your network.

”My first visit to Gerlev had passed in a flash, and many of my memories, when reexamined months later while back in the USA, seemed to be too good to be true – a place this amazing couldn’t possibly exist. It wasn’t about being the best at a particular activity, but more about personal growth and development.”

Blake Evitt, former international student, United States


Weekend culture

We guarantee that you will never forget the weekends at Gerlev. Sometimes we will turn night into day, other times you will be invited to an (almost) royal wedding, or we will throw ourselves into an ironman. There are three kinds of weekends: School weekends, student weekends, and home weekends.

During the school weekends, all students are gathered together and have an exhilarating time together. Two teachers plan a theme, which will permeate the whole weekend. Everything is topped off with an unforgettable Gerlev brunch.

Student weekends are planned by the students along with a teacher. The programs are highly varied and reflect the always surprising creativity of the students – nothing is too crazy.

The home weekends are quiet weekends, during which the school has not planned anything. They are an opportunity to go home and visit friends and family – or to simply relax and make use of the facilities at the school.

Examples of weekend themes:

  • Blues Brothers is a Gerlev classic through two decades – we watch the legendary cult movie and turn the school into a Chicago Diner with live blues and dancing.
  • The night-and-day-weekend, when night becomes day, and day becomes night – that is all we can reveal, until you come here and get to experience it for yourself.
  • The wedding weekend, during which two people will get married – maybe it will be you, or maybe you are invited along as the rich uncle from America.
  • The adventure weekend, during which the whole school participates in a 24-hour adventure race and your limits will be challenged.

We are strongest together

This is why attendance is compulsory for: Classes, School weekends, Communal activities, Kitchen duties, Cleaning

Fresh air and common sense

Our smoking and alcohol policy: No smoking indoors, Only beer and wine bought from the student café may be enjoyed at school parties, No outside alcohol or liquor, Consumption and possession of hash or other psychedelic drugs will lead to an immediate expulsion