• Classic indoor 5-5, street basket and beach basket

  • Intense practice and matches against local and international teams

  • Meet some of the best trainers in Denmark and BørneBasketFonden

  • Teacher training course with DGI and DBBF

  • Course trip to Barcelona

If you take basketball as your major subject at Gerlev, you will be challenged 10 lessons a week in classic indoor 5-5, street basket and beach basket. We love playing ball, working hard and getting better.

We assess your individual capabilities, body and strength. But on our course, you will quickly learn that teamwork is the most important thing, if you want to evolve as a basketball player. A top motivated team demands players, who value teambuilding, who have knowledge about team psychology, and who know lots of creative exercises.


Become a basketball trainer

If you chose basketball as your major subject at Gerlev, you get to live out your inner trainer. You get to try out your training skills on your teammates and on primary school students during your internship at the end of the course. You also get the opportunity to take DGI and DBBF’s SMART basket and Club Trainer course. We teach you how to plan and structure exercises and lessons, training children and introduce you to sports psychology. We also work closely with BørneBasketFonden, and give you the chance to become a junior trainer…


Street basket in Barcelona

During the course, we go on a course trip to Barcelona. We get to play against Spanish teams, play street basket and see one of the best European basketball teams in action. And of cause, enjoy the famous street culture and the lovely beach of Barcelona. We also have the pleasure of meeting danish professional basketballplayers like Iffe Lundberg and Maria Steen Jespersen.

Basket at Gerlev is also a meeting with young an enthusiastic trainers like Karl Barre and William Bond, who will be guest-teachers. As you will get a chance to meet some of the best basketcoaches in Denmark – among them Arnel Dedic, Geof Kotila and Craig Pedersen.

Lars Mogensen - Viceforstander/VPViceforstander/VP

”The challenge is to create independent and intellingent basketballplayers”

Lars Mogensen, underviser, basketball





You can choose a stay from 8 to 40 weeks.
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At Gerlev we have a skillful and dedicated group of teachers.