• Four intense months of training strength, techniques and tactics
  • Introduction to beach volley culture and sports psychology
  • Get practical experience from matches and local tournaments
  • Major trip to Barcelona with training by professional beach volley players
  • Personal video feedback

As the only people’s college in Denmark, Gerlev offers four months of beach volley training. We start practice indoor in March, where we focus on intense technical training and play weekly games in the heated beach volley gym. As soon as the weather allows it, we move out to Gerlev’s four beach volley courts.  

We have created a course that will challenge you physically, and give you all the tools to become a great beach volley player. And you get to try it all out on the beach in the sun in Barcelona.

Personal training and tournament tools

If you want to be a good beach volley player, you need time and commitment. Commit to work on your strength and technique, and time to play and reflect on the many facets of the game, the practice, the psychology and the culture of beach sports. Beach volley at Gerlev, is for everybody who wants to better themselves as beach volley players. We assess the individual level and create a personal training program, where we, through video feedback, document the development and create direction in the practice. You will also learn some project manager skills, as we finish end the course with a tournament, where we invite and play against our own and local teams. Perhaps, you are an aspiring sports project manager?

Anders Boye - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher
Jo Kyrre Skogstad - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference, in the pursuit of beachvolley success”

Jo Kyrre Skogstad, teacher, beachvolley





You can choose a stay from 8 to 40 weeks.
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At Gerlev we have a skillful and dedicated group of teachers.