• Become flexible and physically strong

  • Climb high and low walls

  • “Safety course” (Sikringskursus) with The Danish climbing Society

  • Get a climbing buddy for life

  • Learn to tackle challenges creatively

Taking Bouldering at Gerlev means discovering mussels, you didn’t know you had. It means working with your balance in a way, you never thought was possible. You will get to know your mind and learn how it can become your friend, not your enemy.

At Gerlev, bouldering is a social and including sport. Whether you are new or an experiences boulder, we create a space, where there is room for everybody. We climb and solve problems together and cheer each other on. Bouldering is without a doubt, the most social, freest and most creative form of climbing.

Rope-free climbing

Bouldering is climbing without a rope or harness. You always climb on low climbing walls and always with a crash pad below, so you don’t hurt yourself, if you fall. To become a strong boulder you need to learn, how to control your body, how to anticipate the next move, and how to use your mussels in a sensible way. You have to structure and dispose your energy efficiently, which makes bouldering routes more intense and technical than other climbing routes.

Climbing with confidence

If you chose bouldering as your main subject at Gerlev, you get a strong basic and fundamental training that protects you from injuries. You also get to try your skills on a higher climbing wall, where you will practice more site-specific techniques. You will realize the exciting differences between the different types of climbing, and how the different techniques compliment each other.

If you are new to climbing, you get to take the ‘safety course’ (Sikringskursus) provided by the Danish Climbing Society. Once you have that, you get access to climbing walls all over the country and all over the world. Now, only the sky’s the limit. But be aware, bouldering is highly addictive!

Mads Fogh - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”Sometimes I experience bouldering as a way of life. Sometimes in FLOW – from start to finish, other times there is more obstackles along the way.
The best view is often enjoyed from the top”

ds Fogh, underviser på Gerlev.







You can choose a stay from 8 to 40 weeks.
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At Gerlev we have a skillful and dedicated group of teachers.