• Get into the shape of your life with intense and multidimensional training
  • Get a deep understanding of crossfit and it’s American roots
  • Be part of a strong, passionate and motivating community of crossfit enthusiasts
  • Gain good and healthy understanding of your body

A course in Crossfit at Gerlev is the road to your best physical shape ever. Crossfit is a constant changing, highly intense and uber-functional workout. With your crossfit team cheering you on, you will lift, push, pull, belt and see your body change day by day. You will get a deep and unique understanding of the raw, untamed and hyped American discipline, which have taken the fitness world by storm.

This course is for the students, who really wants to intensify their training and the ones who have never done crossfit before. It doesn’t matter, what you are level at, we will take care you. We will whip you into shape, work your strength, coordination, cardio, flexibly and agility. When you practice crossfit eating healthy and taking good care of your body is very important, especially if you want to continue with crossfit and maybe become a trainer. Learning how to plan a healthy workout and diet and discussing contemporary fitness culture is therefore essential for us at Gerlev.

A loud and motivating workout

CrossFit is raw and its unique atmosphere will move you beyond your limits, bring you closer to your core and deepen your understanding of your body. The atmosphere is loud and pulsating, and we support each other in our daily challenges. But at the same time, we also help and motivate each other. And since you never train alone, you will form a unique community of all sexes, nationalities and physical abilities.

Nature is our kettle belt

We are always on the lookout for new creative tools to supplement our workout. We use kettlebells, body weight, tires and a lot more. But most importantly, we use our surroundings. The nature and challenges it provides. We love the hills and sand pit at Gerlev, just as much as weights and prowlers. We continuously work your techniques, so you can manage all kind of surrounding. The creative ways, we go about our workout, activate many different muscle groups and make this training playful, divers and inspiring.

”Don’t use machines – become one”

Mads Gravholt



You can choose a stay from 8 to 40 weeks.
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At Gerlev we have a skillful and dedicated group of teachers.



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