• Intense dance trips to New York or Berlin

  • Focus on technique, personal expression and development

  • Form and learn to express yourself as a dancer

  • Performance training

  • Maybe a beginning dance career?

Gerlev has a groundbreaking and renown dance course, which has put the school and it’s dance student on the map since 2004.

Peter Friis founded the course in 2004, and today esteemed dancer Louise Seloy Klok runs it. We practice modern dance, hip-hop, house, locking, jazz and dance hall. We create experiences, we unleash the joy of movement and we challenge our students, aesthetically, physically and technically. You will be inspired. We are ambitious dancers at Gerlev, but we still welcome all dancers – the ones who just love to move and the ones with high hopes and ambitions.

Find your inner dancer

If you chose dance as your major at Gerlev, we will help you find your own personal style and dance identity. We invite you into a space for personal growth and physical endurance. You will work with your techniques and push yourself to the limit. You will master many different dance styles and learn how beautifully they can be combined. You get to ‘geek out’ your own practice and work in debt with the choreographies, we dance and develop as a group. We will also introduce you to the history of dance, the different disciplines and the culture they stem from.

New York, Paris, London, Berlin…

Something we always look forward to is the course trip, where you get to experience the professional dance scene up close. In the spring we travel to New York, and in the fall we go to a European metropolis. On our travels you are introduced to the newest trends on the contemporary dance scene.

Because Gerlev is located to close to Copenhagen, we are lucky to get so many incredible guest teachers to visit us. Tine Salling, Peter Friis, Anastasija Olescuka, Stinna Rosemary Fay Shaktiva, Mariama and many others have danced and taught in our rotund hall. Our students are sometimes even picked for music videos and dance performances.

At the end of the course, we put on a big performance. Every year our team sends motivated students directly into the arms of professional dance academies and schools, and of cause, to be part of Gerlev Performance Team.

Louise Seloy Klok - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”Jeg elsker det øjeblik, hvor man står klar til at optræde med det, man selv har skabt og knoklet for. At gå på scenen sammen og med fokus og præcision nå ud og røre publikum. Det vokser man af!”

Louise Seloy Klok, underviser, Dans

Meet Silje og Amalie, to ambitious students at Gerlevs dancemajor.





You can choose a stay from 8 to 40 weeks.
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At Gerlev we have a skillful and dedicated group of teachers.