• Get your diving certificate and become a PADI Open Water diver

  • Complete your lifeguard test

  • Receive exceptional training in regular diving and freediving at Gerlev’s swimming facilities

  • Learn diving techniques, safety and theory

  • Course trip to Egypt, where you will get to dive in the reefs of the Red Sea

If you chose diving as your major at Gerlev, you will get some of the best diving training in Denmark. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 or 10 dives in your dive log, if you want to upgrade or take your diving certificate, if you are scared of the water or swim like a dolphin. Together we will reach new depths. We value safety and respect – respect for the water and each other.

If you chose diving as your major, we will assess your level and build from there. We will teach you theory and introduce you to different freediving methods, which we will practice in our own swimming facilities.

Deep and free diving

If you already have an Open Water Diver level, OWD or something similar, you can take PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, where you get to do compass, wreck, boat, computer diving and dive as deep as 30 meter. We also teach first aid, salvage and communication at sea, so we’re all equipped to take the lifeguard test. Throughout the course we discuss the morals and ethics at stake and the responsibilities, we have for each other, when we are at sea as a group. We also do yoga exercises, to strengthen our breath – namaste!

Diving in the reefs of Egypt

On our course trip we fly to Egypt and finish our diving certificate. We will try out all the things we have practiced at home in the pool. The day starts at six in the morning and is spend sailing around to exciting, diverse and beautiful diving spots. The trip is 100% diving. We live on the boat, where we will meet other divers and become part of the local diving community. Our high level always surprises the divers we meet.

Kristian Christiansen - UnderviserUnderviser

Kristian Christiansen

“Get introduced to a totally new world – below the surface.”

Kristian Christiansen, teacher, diving





You can choose a stay from 8 to 40 weeks.
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At Gerlev we have a skillful and dedicated group of teachers.