• Two intense ski trips to Skel in Norway and Dorfgastein in Austria

  • Alpine and telemark skiing

  • A workout that improves your strength, balance and coordination

  • Be challenged on the piste, off the piste and in the untouched snow

  • Reflect on what skiing is to you

If you chose free skiing as your major subject at Gerlev, you will become a fierce skier. Our goal is to work your level of skiing and teach you techniques, so you can ride the snow effortless and become an expert in snow-covered obstacles. We will definitely throw you into new terrain. If you have courage and like trying something new that looks good and demand focus and concentration, freeskiing is the perfect choice for you. If you haven’t done any skiing before, fear not, freeskiing is for everybody! We split the course into levels, so there will challenges for the experienced skier, and the skier who have just started. Put on your skis, winter is coming!

A trip to the snow

Freeskiing is about working your balance, coordination, strength and stamina. But we also reflect on the possibilities and perspectives of skiing, and you will come to realize, what skiing means to you. You can choose to specialize in alpine or telemark skiing. The basic training will be on rollerskates – if the snow hasn’t come to Gerlev – so you will become an expert in that as well.

All the fundamental techniques will come to life on our trips to Norway and Austria. On our trips, you we will get to try out all the techniques, we have learnt. You will be tried on the piste, off-piste and in flow skiing. And you will most definitely learn how to crash gracefully.
Freeskiing is a course for all the true snow lovers.

Jo Kyrre Skogstad - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”Free Skiing focuses on YOUR progression as a skier”

Jo Kyrre Skogstad, teacher, free skiing

FreeSkiing in Norway.





You can choose a stay from 8 to 40 weeks.
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