• Physical and mental immersion – giving self-insight.

  • Western and Eastern philosophy of the body

  • Strength, balance and coordination 

  • New understanding of the body’s potential 

  • Balance your feelings

In this subject we mix different types of martial art with yoga. The teaching includes both physical and mental training and introduction to the philosophy of martial art and yoga.

Creativity, self-insight and bodily well-being

In Martial Art & Yoga you will be physically and mentally challenged through various types of fight and combat situations that involve physical contact with others – and yoga, where you work with yourself, on your own mat. We live in a fast, result-oriented, technology-driven society that leaves us with a hunger. A hunger for logging out, focusing our attention inwards and engaging the body. This hunger is our fuel for creativity, self-awareness and bodily well-being. And it is the hunger we will satiate with the main subject of the Martial Art & Yoga.


Get to know yourself

The classes consist of various physical exercises and experiments in combination with theory and dialogue. On the yoga mat we work eg. with breathing exercises, meditation and physical practice with classic yoga asanas (exercises). Throughout this, your flexibility, strength, resilience and awareness of the body will be improved as a whole. A yoga lesson can therefore be physically demanding and restorative at the same time.

In the martial art you will be challenged with hard physical training exercises which will in an thoughtful way bring you out of your comfort zone. Through campaigning and movement situations, you get to know yourself, to perform under pressure, to show courage, willpower and emotion. This means that you will rely on your ability to face adversity. At the same time, your athletic skills are improved, especially strength, balance and coordination.


Regardless of whether it is yoga or martial art on the schedule, the theme is getting to know yourself. So get “on the mat” and become a peaceful warrior!


Study trip

On our study trip we visit various types of yoga studies and martial art clubs in Denmark. Along the way, we will meet a lot of exciting people who work with the body in relation to yoga and martial art.

Karen Aronson - Underviser/TeacherUnderviser/Teacher
Martin Lykkegaard - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”When we work with body contact and body intelligence we lose ourselves in the moment and realize the cultural pressure of the body image fades. “

Martin Lykkegaard, teacher






You can choose a stay from 8 to 40 weeks.
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