• Explore your body and it’s endless potential

  • Move freely and with greater precision

  • Gain strength, flexibility and coordination in a natural and more coherent way

  • Develop a strong foundation for other disciplines

  • Course trip to beautiful Zadar in Croatia

Move is a ‘body-laboratory’ where we explore different methods of keeping the body and brain up to speed. Where, through a playful, dynamic, experimental, immersive and holistic approach, we explore what opportunities we have with our body; What we can – and cannot do.

At the same time, we focus on the environment in which we move and examine how different surfaces, temperatures and heights affect our ability to move.

From workout to playout

In Move we have fun! We bring ourselves into play, laugh together and challenge and support each other. We inspire each other and find a common direction in the subject. Because it must make sense and be fun for everyone. Therefore, we never talk about workouts – but instead we do playouts.

Playout is more complex and challenging – and at the same time more inclusive. It is a kind of ‘dogma-fitness’, where we scale the exercises to suit the individual – and where we focus on the process. We become experts in moving our bodies – while we are having fun. And it makes you show up again and again!


Navigate in chaos

Move teaches you to navigate chaos on a bodily and mental level. You learn to notice and adapt to challenges so that you will not feel overloaded – and so you can keep doing what you want. At the same time, Move makes you better in other sports.

Disciplines included in the classes are:

Parkour, Slackline, Tree-running, Barefoot running, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Low gate locomotion, Gymnastic Strength Training, Running and change of direction, Catching and throwing, Breathing, Mobility training, Freedom of movement, Improvisation, Lifting and carrying objects, acro yoga, jumping and landing, boxing, martial arts and gymnastics.

Morten Zacho - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”Det er interessant at lære at lave de her komplekse bevægelser der er rigtig gode for kroppen. Jeg er overbevist om at jeg kan bruge Natural Movement, fordi det er en træning der er god til at udvikle kroppen – der hvor kroppen er, uden at belaste den for meget. Det er naturlige bevægelser og skaber en naturlig styrke.”

Gerd Kaisa Vorren, professionel danser og parkour-udøver

Mere om Natural Movement.





Dit højskoleophold kan vare fra 8 til 40 uger.
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