• A pioneering parkour course with own parkour park

  • Safe and challenging physical training

  • Experience what your body is capable of and see your surroundings differently

  • Teachings in ‘free movement’ and Methode Naturelle

  • Major trip to Paris and to warmer climates in the spring

Since 2006 Gerlev has been an international hotspot for parkour. Our parkour course has become a benchmark for parkour in Denmark and one the most renowned courses in the country.

Doing parkour at Gerlev means exploring your body’s potential and your mental and physical strength. You will be part of a movement and you will never look at your surrounding the same way again. It is an inclusive and social sport – at Gerlev parkour is for everybody, no matter gender, experience and physic. Parkour at Gerlev is playful and filled with creativity. It contrasts the mainstream fitness culture, where you mostly focus on the results you can see or measure. And by the way, we have the world’s first man-made parkour park.

Physical and mental strength

In out training, we focus on developing your fundamentals: balance, strength, coordination, dynamic, stamina, precision, space awareness and creative thinking.  This way of training your body and mind makes you physically efficient and functional. Parkour is a state of mind; it is self-discipline, individuality and will power. Through our training you become comfortable with your body, and you will gain a strong physical integrity – even in the most stressful situations. The course is based on l’Art du Déplacement, a style of movement that stems from a Parisian underground culture from the 1980’ ies.

Parkour, Paris and professionalism

If you chose parkour as your major at Gerlev, you will be taught by Street Movement and their experienced crew, who was part of founding the course here at Gerlev. You will learn how to use your surroundings in a new, precise and strong way. We form our own mini parkour community and culture in our parkour park. A culture, we will take with us on our course trips.

In the spring we go to Paris, the birthplace of parkour, to train with Yamakasi, the first Parkour group in the world. In the fall we go somewhere a little warmer, but equally relevant. Also, every year Gerlev hosts the International Parkour Gathering, where you will get the opportunity to talk, run and fall with parkour’ists from all over the world.

Martin Kallesøe - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”The more I train, the more obvious it becomes, that we are made to move”

Martin Kallesøe, underviser






You can choose a stay from 8 to 40 weeks.
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Dit højskoleophold kan vare fra 8 til 40 uger.
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At Gerlev we have a skillful and dedicated group of teachers.