• Two intense trips to Norway and Austria

  • Workout for the strong, flexible and injury-free body

  • Challenges on the piste, in the park and on the off-piste

  • Learn about snowboarding culture

  • Become a snowboarding instructor

Who would think that a trampoline and snowboarding had anything to do with each other? They have, and you will know why, if you major in snowboarding at Gerlev.

You will become a strong snowboarder, no matter what level you start at. The course will be split into levels, so you will get the training that matches your needs. You will be amazed how quickly your teammates and yourself evolve as snowboarders.

At the snowboarding course, we work your fundamentals: strength, balance, coordination, cardio, flexibility, gymnastics and falling. It doesn’t matter, if you are trying snowboarding for the first time, or you are already addicted, you will without a doubt be hooked and moved by the training and atmosphere on Snowboarding at Gerlev.

Get into the snow and snowboarding culture

The way, we train for the snow at Gerlev, is fun, creative and surprising. We use trampolines, judo mats, the diving board in the swimming pool and the outdoors. It is a tough workout, when we ready your thighs by running up the hills at Gerlev. You will be in excellent shape and in complete control of your body, when we ride down the piste on one of our course trips to Austria and Norway.

We love the mountains of Norway and Austria; their awesome off-piste, the deep snow and the cozy cabins. On our first trip you will learn all the basics, such as breaking, turning, carving and tricks like jumping, ollie, nose roll and tail riding. During our second week, you will be in formidable shape, and the training will intensify. At this point, we will concentrate on riding the deep snow, the off-piste, jumping and rails.

You also get to teach your course mates, which we think is one of the most important aspects of course. You will show you how to teach with pedagogy and understanding. And we will teach you which psychological mechanisms there are at stake, when you snowboard.

As part of the course we will also introduce you to snowboarding culture; what is good snowboarding, and how the identity shine through?


Julie Hauge - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher
Martin Kallesøe - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher

”Get challenges and skills on a snowboard at Gerlev”

Julie Hauge, teacher, snowboard

Snowboard in Norge.





You can choose a stay from 8 to 40 weeks.
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