• Make a difference in the world

  • Learn about different cultures and get tools to connect with people better

  • Inspiring journeys to South America and Zanzibar

  • Be introduced to organizations and NGO’s from all over the world

  • Become on expert in creative and relevant street work

If you chose Travel to Move as your main subject, you get practical tools and concrete experiences that enable you to travel the world on your own, with your friends or an organization.

Are you passionate about making a different in the world? Do you dream of seeing the world from the eyes of the locals? On the Travel to Move course we will prepare you for the journey of your life. You will meet other young people with the same urge to travel, the same love of adventure, and together you become ready meet and work with different cultures. Gerlev will also put you in contact with institutions and organizations, which work with social, environmental, educational development all over the world.

If you chose Travel to Move, Gerlev will share its many years of experience and expert knowledge about connecting people, cultures and building bridges through sport, games and movement. We will teach you how to use sports and games as a tool in social and development work.

Gerlev’s vast network of international collaborators – including schools, NGO’s and private companies – will open a world of possibilities and inspire how you can make a difference in the world. We give you access to hard-to-reach communities and subcultures, and we come up with concrete suggestions to projects and activities, so you can make a mark on the world.

Keep your head calm and your heart warm

Travel to Move enables you to travel in a meaningful way. The course teaches you all the basic practicalities; tickets, insurance, visa etc. We teach you how to avoid classic pitfalls and dangerous situations that sometimes occur, when you are travelling on your own. But first and foremost, we improve your ability to understand and communicate with people from different cultures. And you get to try out all your new knowledge and new tools, when we go on our course trip to Zanzibar in the winter and South American the spring.

Lars Studs - Underviser/teacherUnderviser/teacher
Mette Stryhn Hansen - Daglig leder af LegeparkenDaglig leder af Legeparken

Mette Stryhn Hansen

”Come meet the world!”

Mette Stryhn Hansen, teacher






You can choose a stay from 8 to 40 weeks.
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