• Get strong physically and mentally

  • Learn Hatha yoga, restorative yoga, meditation and breathing exercises

  • Get an insight into the spiritual teachings of yoga, the body’s potential and energy system

  • Prevent injuries and get a healthy physical practice

If you chose Yoga as your major subject at Gerlev, we will take you on a journey into the world of yoga. You will get a phenomenal yoga practice. You will be introduced to yoga’s unique ability to bring you closer to yourself, to calm you down and to strengthen your body and mind. And you will be introduced to the beautiful philosophies of yoga.

On social media yoga is often crazy positions on a mountaintop, on the hands and with the feet behind the head. But that gives the wrong impression of what yoga really is. Yoga is something you need to experience for yourself.

The journey – not the destination

Yoga is very different from other types of exercise. It is a fundamental physical and mental system, you can use in tandem with personal development. In yoga the important thing is the journey, not the destination.

Yoga teachings derive from ancient Indian philosophies. The theoretical part of this course is therefore an introduction to the philosophy of Pantanjali, amoung others. You will learn about chakras, the whirling wheels of energy and the energy centers of our body. Pranayama, also known as the ‘life force’, is one of the techniques we will look at. We will also dabble with meditation and breathing techniques, where you will learn how to turn off your mind, get closer to the present and control the energy you take in and give out. Pranayama is the spiritual side of yoga and the many positions, also known as Asanas, are the physical. The two sides of yoga are always connected.

Be surprised by your body’s potential

At Gerlev yoga is for everybody. It can lift you onto your head; take you into split and lotus. Like on the yoga influencers’ Instagrams. But only, if your body allows it. The Asana sequences are first and foremost a mindful practice that develops strength and range of motion. Yoga can be calming and cooling, and it can be hot and challenging.

During the course you get to experiment with different types of yoga. We will develop strength, stamina, flexibility and new tools to release tension. And you will be surprised by the potential of your body. But most importantly, you will experience how your body, you mind and consciousness are affected by a yoga practice. The mat is yours and yoga is your own personal expression.

Karen Aronson - Underviser/TeacherUnderviser/Teacher

”Mine forventninger til dig er et åbent sind og lysten til at udfordre og søge dybere ind i dig selv. Yoga kan vise dig vejen. Jeg glæder mig til at inspirere dig!”

– Karen Tengberg, yogalærer på Gerlev.






You can choose a stay from 8 to 40 weeks.
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