Lars Studs has a burning passion for working with people. One of his greatest joys as a teacher is to cover every nook and cranny through his creative subjects – and try to find new ways to communicate visual arts and music. His goal is to find the key to the aesthetic space of every individual student.

The joy of passing on creativity
Studs has always worked with people in one way or another. It has been everything from children to adults, from the mentally challenged to the, according to Studs, most well-functioning and healthy, young people: The students at Gerlev!

Studs is the creative fireball at Gerlev. His music career started as early as the age of six, when he started to play violin and later percussion. He continued in the Tivoli Boys’ Guard, and later he combined the classical music with rock music – playing it on both Danish and international stages.

He loves to pass on the joy of playing together and being present in the music. The same holds true for the creative joy of making visual art. What means and tricks can be used? If you ask Studs, it’s as many as possible!

Studs is also very industrious around Gerlev when it comes to his camera. He documents everyday life and parties, benefitting both current and former students.


Studs has been at Gerlev since 2009. He has a degree in Finnish and Rhetoric from the University of Copenhagen and one in social work from the Aarhus University (DPU).

He also holds a Ph.D. in music pedagogy and special pedagogy. Through many years he has been a professional musician, being a member of Frank Zappa Live Event. He is also an exhibited visual artist and cartoonist.


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