Every stay at Gerlev contains unforgettable trips to destinations, which will allow you to try out all the things you learn here. During the trips, whose destinations can be everything from the fells of Norway to the coral reefs of the Red Sea, your training will get a new international dimension.

The knowledge you bring along on the trips will be supplemented by different cultural input, and you will get to train with locals in a new environment.

On each trip, we strengthen our community, which is removed from the familiar surroundings and brought into a completely new culture.


Examples of study trips:


Joint trip // Czech Republic

In the fall, we all go to Czech Republic. The trip will consist of everything from climbing to building your own raft – plus many good times. We guarantee you will get an experience for life with all your new Gerlev friends.

Parkour // Croatia

Croatia offers a wide variety of options for parkour practitioners – newly built parkour facilities and beautiful, old ruins. We will move around the city and train with the local parkour enthusiasts.

Surf // Portugal or Marocco

Our surfing students will go to Portugal or Marocco for a week of intense wave surfing, meaning that the wetsuit will be replaced by hot waves. The trip also includes meeting the locals and the many cultural treasures.

Basketball // Barcelona

In the fall, the basketball team travels to Barcelona to play against Spanish teams, train street basket, experience one of the best basketball teams in Europa – and enjoy the beaches and local culture to the fullest.

MoveOut // Italy

The MoveOut team goes to the wonderful terrains of Italy in the fall, where they will go climbing in the mountains and partake in an orienteering race in Venice under the hot fall sun.

Dans // European metropolis

In the fall, the dance team will go to a European metropolis, which could be anything from Berlin to Copenhagen. The teachers always have a finger on the dancing pulse and will make sure to find a city full of dancing facilities and inspiration.

CrossFit  // excursion

The CrossFit students will go on an excursion to inspire and put the training in perspective – and the skilled teachers will make sure to find the perfect training spots.


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Joint skiing trip  // Norway

At Gerlev, winter equals snow, skiing and snowboarding in the Norwegian fells. This is why we all go on a joint skiing trip in January, during which we all throw ourselves into the wonderfully soft snow.

CrossFit  // Club la Santa, Lanzarote

A vacation with focus on training and lots of inspiration is the recipe for CrossFit’s study trip, which goes to the homing grounds of the world’s best training, Club la Santa on Lanzarote.

Snowboarding  // Austria

We love the sublime snow of Austria, and after our joint trip to Norway, we are ready to try it out. We will train off-piste, jumps and rails – and capture awesome photographs of it all.

FreeSkiing  // Norway

Our basic skills are put to the test over the course of two trips to the snow – to Norway on the joint trip and to Austria. You will be challenged on the piste, in off-piste, in flow, and you will probably get to experience some terrific falls, too.

Diving  // The Red Sea in Egypt

A diving certificate must be completed in the right diving surroundings. We will go to the Red Sea in Egypt to live on a boat, off of which we will dive and exploit the unique possibilities of the ocean and see the gorgeous reefs near Hurghada.

Dance  // excursion

During the winter period, the dance team will go on a unique excursion – and the skilled teachers will do everything to find the perfect place to let loose the dancing.


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Everyone // Rite week

The rite week is one of the best-kept secrets at Gerlev. It is a week you will think back on for many years. With five different themes and five different locations, we will turn the world upside down – and fate decides which theme you will get to follow!

Dance  // New York

During the spring, the dance team will go to New York, where we will get to know the American dance scene better – through training on stage, as an audience, and as tourists in The Big Apple.

Sports academy // China

The Sports Academy team will experience a true cultural encounter with China. We participate in sports training at Shanghai Sports University and Xian Sports University, and we will also get to teach Chinese children ourselves. And of course we will see cultural treasures such as the Terracotta army and the Great Wall.

Parkour  // Paris

Parkour was born in Paris – so of course this is the destination for the parkour team. Here we will train in the inspiring Parisian streets, side by side with the city’s own parkour enthusiasts.

Football  // Barcelona

During the spring, the football team will go on a week-long study trip to Barcelona. Here we will attend a game at the Nou Camp and play futevolei with Brazilians living in Barcelona.

CrossFit // Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a CroffFit culture that is going places. With authentic training possibilities and a pulsating vibe, we will experience the American roots of CrossFit up close.

Beachvolley  // Barcelona

The beach volley team goes to the burning sun and warm sands of Barcelona. We will be part of the Spanish beach culture and train with the locals and former professional beach volley players.

MoveOut // Southern Europe

During the spring, MoveOut goes to Southern Europe, and the teachers will make sure to find the perfect destination. It will be a week full of mountainbiking climbing and kayaking in the great outdoors.


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