Gerlev P.E. & Sports Academy’s New President

Body culture and identity comes in focus with the appointment of Tania Dethlefsen, who on January 1, 2019, relocates, from the position of Deputy Director at The Danish Family Planning Association to the position as president of Gerlev P.E. & Sports Academy. Tania is also a former student at Gerlev.


Lifting our qualities into a broader debate

With the appointment of Tania Dethlefsen, Gerlev P.E. & Sports Academy continues its tradition of leading the search for new perspectives on sport. The Danish social science research in the field of sport and games began at Gerlev. Later the school has pushed limits and set standards for sports construction with, amongst other, the well know pyramidal House of Movement and the world’s first parkour training facility.

The school’s chairman of the board, Søren Præstholm, elaborates: “Never have young people’s exercise circled so much about the struggle to be fit with the right body. We sweat in the gym and yet so many young people feel wrong. Gerlev stands for sport and games with the joy of movement as the central component. In Tania, we get a strong leader who can lift these qualities into a broader and important discussion about body culture and identity. ”


Gerlev gives an important value-compass

In addition to the prominent role of Deputy Director at The Danish Family Planning Association, Tania Dethlefsen has worked in UNICEF and the Danish Youth Council. She is well habituated to work in the international scene. This is important, for carrying on Gerlevs strong collaborations and projects. Among other things, she has lead various civil society networks. She has also participated in working towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Currently, she sits on the Council for Development Policy – appointed by Minister for Development Cooperation Ulla Tørnæs.

But it is largely the magic she herself experienced as a student of Gerlev that now draws her back to the school: “Gerlev contributes with an amazingly important value-compass for all who are lucky enough to become part of the school or the movement that Gerlev sets in motion. It may be at a summer course or a longer study program, a visit to the amazing Playpark, the Playship or some other, says Tania, and she continues:

“We live in a time when communities are under pressure. A time where the individual’s well-being in relation to the body, to movement and to close relationships increasingly is challenged. Both young people and the older need more – no less – harmony and common view. A place like Gerlev is needed now – more than ever. As a strong educational institution and as a strong movement. I look forward to contributing to it.”


Tania Dethlefsen takes over the position after Finn Berggren. Finn retires after 17 years as president, but also as a teacher and a student of Gerlev before that.


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